I have no plan to keep publishing our recent machine learning and Geo AI work in Medium. But if you are interested in tracking our recent AI and machine learning applications, please visit https://developmentseed.org/blog?topic=machine-learning

Through the link, you will see our recent work shown as the screenshot :)

We recently have a few blog posts to share with you in 2021 that we are super proud of:

Blog 1: Scaling AI to Map every school on the planet

Post link: https://developmentseed.org/blog/2021-03-18-ai-enabling-school-mapping

Lilly Thomas joins Development Seed as our latest machine learning engineer hire, and we couldn’t be more excited! She will challenge our team to re-think and further develop how we apply deep learning to do feature extraction on high-resolution imagery, and while she expands our technical chops, she also tips the gender balance to 75% female on our machine learning team!

Initially, Lilly will focus on applying deep reinforcement learning to assist humans in mapping roads from overhead imagery. …

Accurate data about schools is critical to provide quality education and promote lifelong learning, ensure equal access to opportunity, and ultimately to reduce poverty. These are core aspects of human dignity and human development, and accordingly, are core UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG4, SDG10, and SDG1 respectively). However, in much of the world educational facility records are inaccurate, incomplete or non-existent.

UNICEF has launched a bold initiative to map the connectivity level of every school in the world. Under the initiative a big data platform, known as Magic Box, that combines private sector data with new computational techniques to gain…

Urban settlement change around Awassa, Ethiopia. Red indicates the extent of urban areas in 2000. Blue indicates the extent of these settlements in 2017. Awassa is located south of the capital city, Addis Ababa.

Policymakers rely on Land Use and Land Cover (LULC) maps for evaluation and planning. They use these maps to plan agriculture policy, improve housing resilience (to earthquakes or other natural disasters), and understand how to grow commerce in small communities. A number of institutions have created global land use maps from historic satellite imagery. However, these maps can be outdated and are often inaccurate, particularly in their representation of developing countries.

We recently worked with the World Bank to complete an analysis of urban dynamics in Ethiopian Lowlands. We found that Global Land Use and Land Cover maps were wholly…

Zhuangfang NaNa Yi

Machine learning engineer at Development Seed, PhD in Ecological Economics!

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